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company news about Winter is coming, is it necessary to change the air conditioner filter

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Company News
Winter is coming, is it necessary to change the air conditioner filter
Latest company news about Winter is coming, is it necessary to change the air conditioner filter

The weather is getting colder, it has entered the cold winter, and a new wave of cold air is coming. In the cold wind, are you inseparable from the heating? Some car owners expressed doubts, is it necessary to replace the air conditioner filter if the air conditioner is not turned on in winter?


First of all, what is the role of air conditioning in winter?


Demisting with an air conditioner


Many car owners know that pressing the window defogging button will automatically blow cold air to the windshield, which can quickly eliminate the fog on the window. But sometimes, car owners will find that the fog has just disappeared and then reappears in a while. Faced with this repeated fog phenomenon, how should we deal with it?


At this time, you can use the method of turning on the warm air and defogging. Turn the air conditioner temperature adjustment button to the warm air direction, and the air conditioner direction button to the glass air outlet. At this time, the hot air will blow directly to the front windshield. The method will not be as fast as the previous method, generally it will last about 1-2 minutes, but it will not repeatedly fog, because the hot air will dry the moisture on the glass.


Raise interior temperature


When the car just starts, don’t turn on the heating and air conditioning immediately. The reason is that the water temperature of the engine has not yet come up when the car is just started. Turning on the air conditioner at this time will blow out the heat that was originally inside, which is not only bad for the engine but also increases the fuel consumption.


The correct way is to start the engine to warm up first, and then turn on the heater and air conditioner after the engine temperature pointer reaches the middle position.


Anti-drying with air conditioner


First of all, you can’t blow the air outlet of the air conditioner at the person, which is easy to dry the skin. In addition, it is also recommended that when users use the heating function in winter, they can use the air conditioner for external circulation for a period of time to allow fresh air outside the car to come in, which is good for the human body.


In short, in winter, whether it is cold air or warm air, it must be adjusted by the air conditioning system, and it must also be filtered by the air conditioning filter.


Since the usage rate of air conditioners is high in winter, what will happen if the air conditioner filters are not cleaned or replaced on time?


Phenomenon 1: The warm air is used frequently in winter, and the car owner finds that the air volume of the warm air becomes smaller when using the car, and even if the air volume is turned to the maximum, it is not warm.


Analysis: The air-conditioning filter element is dirty, causing the air passage to be blocked. It is recommended to clean or replace the air filter element.


Phenomenon 2: The air conditioner of the car has a strange smell


Analysis: The air conditioner filter is too dirty and the filtration performance is reduced. Due to the rain in summer and the dust in autumn, the residual moisture in the air conditioning system ducts and the dust in the air combine, and then mold and odor are generated.


The role of air conditioner filters


Keep the air conditioning grid close to the housing to ensure that unfiltered air does not enter the cabin.


Absorbs moisture, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxides, SO2, CO2, etc. in the air; it has strong and lasting moisture absorption.


Separation of solid impurities such as dust, pollen, and abrasive particles in the air.


It ensures that the air in the cab is clean and does not breed bacteria and creates a healthy environment; it can effectively separate solid impurities such as dust, core powder, and abrasive particles in the air; it can effectively intercept pollen, and ensure that the drivers and passengers will not have allergic reactions and affect driving safety.


The car glass will not be covered with water vapor, so that the driver and passengers can see clearly and drive safely; it can provide fresh air to the driver’s cab, prevent the driver and passenger from inhaling harmful gases, and ensure driving safety; it can effectively sterilize and deodorize.


Air conditioner filter replacement cycle


Generally speaking, replace it every 10,000 km/6 months. Of course, the maintenance cycles of different brands are not exactly the same. The specific replacement cycle is based on the requirements of the car manufacturer and its own usage, environment and other factors to make specific time arrangements. For example, if the car is used in severe haze, it is best to replace it every 3 months.



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