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Langfang Fulu Filter Co., Ltd. is a young and energetic company established in 2018. We have our own production plant located in the Hot Spring Park, Gu'an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, adjacent to Beijing Daxing Airport and Tianjin Port, with a superior geographical location .     To meet the needs of the market, the company provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our main products are:   Air filter element, oil filter element, diesel filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, spin-on filter, oil-water separation filter, 500FG/900FG/1000FG oil-water separator assembly, precision filter element, coalescence separation filter element, air conditioning filter element, generator set filter element, Spray recycling filter element, purification filter, spark machine oil filter element, wire cutting water filter, excavator air conditioner element, stainless steel filter element, copper sintered filter element, pump truck/injection machine hydraulic oil filter element, special-shaped filter, etc.     Our products are widely used in the following fields: Excavators/loaders/rollers and other construction machinery, forklifts, heavy-duty vehicles and other vehicles, cigarette factories, power plants, oil fields, ships, cranes, terminal machinery, metallurgical machinery, generator sets, air compressors and their filtration systems, wire cutting machines , Spark machine, injection molding machine, powder spray recycling system, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, dust-free workshop and other purification fields.     All the staff of the company will adhere to the concept of "customer first, service first", with integrity, quality, service, and enterprising as the guiding ideology, and sincerely provide you with high-quality services!   Warmly welcome and sincerely look forward to working with customers to create a better future!  

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